Finding a Dog Trainer

Dog Blog

Blogs are a great thing. Who doesn’t enjoy the convenience of Googling an answer to your question? I don’t know how we lived without this option, honestly. But finding an excellent dog training blog can be challenging so follow these simple tips to keep you and your dog safe. 

Everyone Thinks They are a Dog Trainer–Yikes!

Before diving knee-deep into a dog training blog, take a moment and research blog contributors. Are they dog trainers? If so, have they taught? Do they still teach group classes? Have they earned advanced dog training certifications? Earning advanced certifications is vital. This is the only way to differentiate between beginners/dabblers and dog trainers with proven knowledge of training all different types of dogs. Be careful about titles. Anyone can call herself a dog trainer or animal behaviorist, but unless it’s earned through testing councils, I would be very leery.

Take it a step further. Now, search the Internet to find more information about a dog trainer blog contributor. While doing a search, her advanced dog training certification should pop up along with any professional dog training memberships and maybe other blogs or videos.

Never Follow Harmful Training Methods

The most important tip is blog contributors should never recommend harmful training methods. I can’t say this enough. It’s much easier missing a “click and treat” opportunity than punishing your dog. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you can certainly cause further frustration and possibly damage your relationship with your dog. Reading and watching videos are helpful, but nothing takes the place of having an expert watch and provide feedback while practicing.

Lastly, follow blogs with current and updated training methods, such as training principles founded by science. If someone recommends alpha or dominance training, run. This myth was dispelled over a decade ago. 

Trust Your Gut

If something, or someone, sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Dogs aren’t like cars. You can’t fix them or guarantee results so ignore those promising too much. Trust your gut and do no harm. 🙂  When in doubt, find a professional and certified dog trainer in your area for best results.

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