Heading away on holiday? Read our tips on how to choose a cattery

Home or away?

Booking your holidays is exciting, but don’t forget about your cat! While you’re enjoying sun, sea and adventures, it’s important that your cat has the best time away you can give them. All cats differ, but the home-bods or more nervous ones likely prefer to stay where they are less stressed – at home. In these circumstances, a reliable home sitter is probably the best option for your four-legged friend. For cats who are comfortable with being away from home and in the company of strangers, catteries can provide a great alternative – but be sure to choose carefully. Our tips below will help you know what to look for.

Cat sitters

You may well find that you’ll have a queue of trusted family, friends and neighbours more than happy to cat sit for your magnificent mog. If so, that’s great and your cat can continue to enjoy their home comforts.However, where this isn’t possible, pet sitting services can also be booked to take care of your cat while you’re off jet-setting. For recommendations, try asking other cat-lovers in the area for the pet-sitting businesses they trust.

Choosing a cattery

If you can’t get a cat-sitter, a cattery makes a great alternative, but make sure your cat’s vaccinations are up to date and that you book well in advance. Cats Protection recommends that you inspect a cattery before you make a decision. Make sure you check:

the cattery is licensed with their local authority

ask to see the licence

that cats can’t escape

double doors or a ‘safety corridor’ prevent escape artists from disappearing

your cat is kept separately from other cats and they don’t have direct contactthe pens have some form of heating

are insulated and easily cleanable

that there is space between the pens so cats can’t go nose-to-nose with each otherfood and water bowls and litter trays are clean and tidy

that you are asked whether your cat’s vaccinations are up-to-date

that the cattery is comfortable to administer any ongoing medication your cat may needIt may also be a good idea to ask about bringing familiar food, cat litter and a comforting item that smells of home with your cat. It can greatly help your cat settle in to their temporary environment.

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