The underpinning ethos of our training club is positive reinforcement and the importance of making training your dog fun and enjoyable for you both.

We will not fix it if it is not broken but we will certainly help you to progress your training to whatever level you wish to take it to.  Whether you want to have a loyal and well trained family member or have aspirations to compete in the wide variety of dog training sports out there; we will work with you to achieve your goals and equip you with the confidence and knowledge to be a happy and responsible dog owner.

Do you…

*Find it difficult to control your dog?

*Enjoy spending time with your dog?

* Want to expand on your training methods?

* Explore the possibilities of what you and your dog can do?

How we can help…

* We can help train your dog

*Help you to enjoy living with your dog

* We can provide you with the skills to progress with a number of dog sports.

So, if this is you,please get in touch with Clever Dogs Dog Training, Cumbria today!

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