Our bright, clean, spacious and secure kennels give each dog their own individually heated, softly lit bedroom and run areas, providing a restful space (though two dogs from your family can share). Shy dogs can relax, high sided kennels mean they won’t be disturbed by neighbours. While trained animal carers are onsite 24 hours a day.
Our quiet serene cattery has a choice of outdoor or individually heated indoor pens. Each large enough for one or more cats from your family to roam in comfort. We supply Toys, bedding, scratch posts and of course lots of cuddles and attention. While  CCTV and trained animal carers onsite 24 hours a day keep your loved ones safe and secure.

Steve Hole is our professional trainer and behaviourist having qualified with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. We offer a range of services to suit your dog’s individual requirements including both 1-to-1 sessions and obedience classes.

We keep our 16ft indoor hydrotherapy pool at 28 degrees, providing perfect non-weight bearing exercise. Ideal for post operative recovery or general fitness training, backed by underwater cameras and our fully NARCH qualified team of therapists


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