You drive in, lock the gate behind you and then let your dog(s) out. 

We have fenced the paddock / field with the 6 foot equine fencing as this has smaller holes towards the bottom. This makes it more secure for our doggy friends – even those who try to jump out or squeeze through. Both fields have the fencing dug into the ground!

Private hire in 1 hour slots (55 minutes field use, 5 minutes to exit) for £10 or at a discounted rate of £9 per hour if you book 10 slots – this accommodates up to 6 dogs.

As stated above please allow 5 minutes at the end of your slot to exit the field to ensure it is vacant when the next person arrives. If you would like to take more than 6 dogs on the field, we charge £2.00 per dog.

We LIMIT the number of people on the field to 4. Please advise us if there will be more than 4 people per booking.

MAXIMUM of 2 cars on the field at any one time – again please advise if otherwise.


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