Oakwood Boarding Kennels and Cattery has been established for over forty + years and we took over the ownership of the Kennels & Cattery in 2016, we have undergone a major  refurbishment program throughout to our kennels & cattery which has all been updated.

All the animals in our care are well looked after and are treated as we would expect our own animals to be treated. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality care and services available to pet owners .We provide special thermal vet bedding for each dog & cat boarding with us that is warm, comfortable and used by vets across the country. They are also provided with off the floor beds in a tiled floored heated indoor run attached to their sleep quarters that gives more room for exercise and play which is encouraged. Cats receive a minimum of two meals a day and are all provided with an outdoor concrete floored run complete with climbing post, shelves , hidaways and a chair to curl up in. They are also given a heated indoor room attached to their run via open cat flap with a bed and multiple shelves inside for exploring.


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