Dog Walking

We offer different types of dog walks, we offer group or solo.
We also offer different durations, 30 or 60 minutes.
Walks are great for exercise but we also play scent games and other games to get some mental exercise too!
If your dog needs to stay on the lead we can use long lines so your dog still enjoys feeling like they have more freedom than if they were on a shorter lead.

Pet Visits

We offer a pet visit service, for toilet breaks and some cuddles! We can also feed your pet if required as well as change cat litter and bedding etc.

Pet visits can be for any animal, Visits are usually half-hour but if you have multiple pets and would like longer just let us know!

Pet Sitting

Pet sits are where we look after your pet in your own home, this is great for your pet as it means less disruption to their usual routine. We will include a daily walk or pop-in with this service.

An added bonus is that it is more secure for your home too while you are away!

We can also do essential jobs such as watering plants and popping bins out on bin day. We will always leave your home as we find it.

Doggy Babysitting

If have a day or evening out planned and don’t like the idea of your doggy being left home alone then we now offer doggy babysitting! This is a service we have added due to requests from customers.

This service also perfect for puppies who may not be ready to be left at home for too long.

There is a minimum of a 2 hour booking.


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