When you have a dog that doesn’t act the way you want, it can create a very stressful home life. It can start to affect relationships with the people you live with and leave you with thoughts of wanting to give the dog away, or even the possibility of “it’s me or the dog”!!!

The average life span of your dog is 10-13 years, a very long time if you’re unable to appreciate your differences. If you don’t tackle these problems, they will get worse over time and become ingrained bad habits.

If you’re saying “NO” to your dog, then you will always find yourself in a negative frame of mind. This will increase your frustration levels and stress you and your dog out.

Worry no more because I have the solutions to all your dog’s problems!

I can help you create a dog that is a pleasure to be around. One that listens to you and is happy to respond to your requests.

When you learn how your dog communicates, get an understanding of why they do things you’re not too keen about, you can then start creating a relationship that will be magical—one where you can enjoy the mischief and appreciate their true personality.

Let’s start building the foundations to a very compatible life together and make some happy memories.

I offer private one to one dog training sessions and behavioural consultations.

Covering Liverpool & the surrounding areas.


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