What are the benefits of pets for my child?

Pets and Children

Whether it’s a dog, cat, guinea pig or goldfish, pets give unconditional love and, for most people, become an extra member of the family. There are huge benefits of having pets for your children too. Here are five reasons why a pet might have a positive impact on your family:

1. Having a pet can encourage your child to be responsible and think about the animal’s welfare by learning how to take care of the pet. This could be helping to feed their rabbit each day or taking the dog out for a walk even when it’s raining.

2. Having a pet, especially a dog, can help you feel part of a wider community. You’ll meet lots of fellow dog owners on walks to say hello to on your walks.

3. For older people, having a dog can prevent feelings of loneliness. in this way, your family pet can be another friend for your child. You may find that they talk to the pet like they might to their toys.

4. Stroking a dog, cat or rabbit can help your child to relax. Similarly, watching a fish swim in its tank can make them feel peaceful. There’s evidence to suggest that just generally having a pet around the house can make everyone feel in a good mood.

5. This may not be your main requirement, but often people feel safer in their house if they have a dog.

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